House System

Foxford Community School introduced five houses as a way to promote teamwork, competition and belonging. The school holds a number of competitions throughout the year for each house to compete in. Our houses are named after different breeds of foxes.

The Houses


Head of House: Miss S. Edwards

The Arctic fox is strong, loyal and adaptable, these qualities represent the students at Foxford. As a house, we have a strong motto Right here, Right now. This means that you should take up every opportunity now given to you and not wait. Arctic house has had some successes over the past two terms, for example, winning the self-portrait event and many sporting competitions such as our recent win at badminton. Arctic house is very proud of our students and the support and effort that they give.


Head of House: Mrs. C. Laird

Corsac House prides itself on its adaptability, its loyalty to each member of the house and its fearlessness in meeting new challenges head-on. We as a house lead by example within lessons which shows in our academic successes, such as Accelerated Reader and House Points competitions. We support and encourage each other in all our endeavours and strive to be the best house we can be!


Head of House: Mrs. S. Norman

Fennec house named after the Fennec fox which inhabits a variety of desserts across the world is known for its large distinctive ears compared to their small body. Like the Fennec fox, Fennec house is clever, adaptable and COMPETITIVE!  We put our hearts and souls into each and every house event and we like to win! Over the past year, we have done well at a variety of house events including The Great Foxy Bake-off, sports day and Foxford’s Got Talent. To keep up to date with all things Fennec, follow our Instagram account @Fennechousefoxford or search #Fennechousethebesthouse


Head of House: Mr. P. Grady

Rüppell House was proudly founded in 2019 and has subsequently proved to be a force to be reckoned with within Foxford’s House system. Rüppell contains students who, like the unique character of the Rüppell fox itself, value loyalty and resilience above all else. Rüppell students loom large in the life of the school: many students are sports captains, bringing success in sports competitions; school drama productions have often had Rüppell students in leading roles, while the House has developed a reputation for originality and skill in events such as ‘The Great Foxford Bake Off’ and ‘Foxford’s Got Talent’. The Rüppell community has an ethos that every student within the House is valued and each student is able to contribute to the ongoing success of the House in their own way. In turn, the House provides a strong sense of belonging and Rüppell’s friendly, nurturing approach to competition advances students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. All House members are incredibly proud to be representatives of Rüppell House.


Head of House: Mr. C. Wright

Swift House believes in maximum participation which helps us to achieve or motto: Move swiftly to achieve more. We are the yellow house which particularly excels in sporting events. We are proud to be the first-ever house to win Sports Day. The Swift Fox is rapid and quick in its decision making which is important for survival. We work as one and our cohesive attitude brings out the best in our young foxes.

Our Swift house captains play an important role in the success and achievements of our young foxes. Mr Wright is proud of their efforts and believes the success of the house is hugely reliant on their commitment and efforts.