Exam Information

Foxford Community School would like to make the examination experience as stress-free and as successful as possible for all pupils. The information on this page is helpful and informative for pupils and their parents. Please take the time to read through the information which offers guidance and advice on the examination regulations and the procedures. The Examination Boards set down strict criteria that must be followed for the conduct of examinations and the school is required to follow them precisely.

Exam Contingency Date

A contingency date is a day specifically set aside, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the June 2020 examination series. If disruption happens, the GCSE and/or GCE (A Levels) examinations would be taken either for the first time or again on that day. This date is: Wednesday 24 June 2020 Students taking public examinations (GCSE and A Levels) should not plan any holidays or be at any distance from school before 25 June 2020.

Key Examination Staff

Head of Centre: Mrs. A. Gallagher

Assistant Headteacher: Mr. C. Griffin

Examinations Manager: Ms. J. Clarke

Key Examination Information

Examination Timetables 2020

Summer 2020

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