High Attainers at Foxford

High Attainers are students who show great potential to achieve high level outcomes across a range of subjects. Identification of these students begins on entry to Foxford with those who achieve 109+ in English and Maths SATs in Year 6. They will be expected to work in the Excellence or Securing band in most or all of their subjects.

High Attainers can expect to be challenged in their lessons, with high level activities intended to increase the depth and breadth of their understanding as well as extending their knowledge and skills. They will be expected, for example, to undertake the TIF (Take It Further) activities in most if not all lessons. Stretch, challenge and extension are a key part of learning and teaching at Foxford. In some subjects they may become student coaches. In addition to the focus in class, High Attainers are closely monitored to ensure that they are making appropriate levels of progress. If they do not, intervention strategies such as academic mentoring, small group work and peer coaching are employed to support them in their learning. Teachers may also set bespoke on-line learning activities to accelerate their progress.

Outside of lessons, Foxford offers a range of extra-curricular activities for High Attainers. These include internal and external competitions, the national maths challenge, study skills sessions and access to masterclasses and additional resources in a range of subjects. As students move through the school, more activities become available. These include mentoring younger students, coaching for Oxbridge and Russell group universities, mentoring by undergraduates and access to masterclasses run by a number of different universities. Students also have the opportunity to study for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which carries additional UCAS points.

We work in partnership with our High Attainers, families and teachers to aim for the very highest outcomes. We are proud of our history of High Attainers gaining places at Oxford University, Russell group universities and prestigious apprenticeships as well as those who achieve the highest grades at GCSE and applied courses. Our success extends to students entering national competitions in the Performing Arts and becoming published authors.

We are also a NACE school, enabling staff to have access to the latest research and strategies to support HA students.