Year 11

Year 11 is one of the most exciting, challenging and important times in your child’s education. This year the students will continue in their journey to achieving GCSE and/or BTEC qualifications that will act as a passport to their future success and careers. 

The Year 11 team which is led by Mrs Singh (Year Leader), Mr Jordan (Deputy Headteacher) and Ms Rowe (Assistant Headteacher) are committed to providing a culture of excellence and the dedicated tutor team support the progress of the students for their time at Foxford School, working as a team to ensure that every child has all they need to achieve their personal goals and academic potential. 

Year 11 students must be resilient – lessons will be challenging and will push students to reach their full potential.  Students must learn that they will not always master and understand things first time.  They will make mistakes; it’s learning from these mistakes which will help them achieve their full potential.  GCSE pupils will be expected to extend their learning at home, particularly with practice exam questions and papers, and we thank parents for their support and encouragement with this. This can be done in various ways such as: 

  • Encourage your child to complete coursework on time 
  • Monitor home learning through Firefly 
  • Attend school every day and on time 
  • Encourage your child to attend all revision/intervention and study support sessions which will be held on a weekly basis in school. 

Tutor time may be used for some pupils during the academic year to allow for additional time for English, Maths and Science interventions. This will be based on where we feel the students will benefit most with the upcoming exams at the end of this academic calendar. This forms part of our intervention programme to ensure pupils have the best possible opportunity to succeed in these crucial examinations. 

The vision of the Year 11 team is to encourage all students to fulfil their potential with the full support of the year team and their parents.  A positive relationship with home is essential if the students are to achieve this.  Success does not happen by working in isolation – we all need to help and support the most important person, which of course is the student.  Parents’ attendance and engagement in information events such as Parents’ Evenings is vital to ensure that we are all aware of any issues or concerns surrounding each student.  

PSHCE is taught in Year 11 according to the key themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. In addition to PSHCE, Year 11 tutors deliver bespoke revision activities and support through our GCSE Success plan. 


At Foxford, we want all students to achieve their best. To allow this to happen we have launched our GCSE Success process for Year 11 students. This is supported by our annual GCSE Success Fayre, a range of revision materials and Firefly. We also have a number of online platforms that support students with their studies. We have achieved extremely pleasing results from these in recent years. 

Year 11 Tutor Team 

11AMY Ms A Myers 
11DCO Mrs D Coke 
11GKOMs G Konstantinidou 
11JKEMr J Kemp 
11NBRMrs N Brookes 
11PGRMr P Grady 
11SPH Ms D Coke 

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For any specific queries please contact the school direct: 


Telephone: 024 7636 9200