At Foxford we believe the sky is the limit for SEND learners – we never put a ceiling on what young people can achieve as everyone has the potential to keep growing, reflecting and learning to be the best at who they want to be. We have high standards and supportively encourage all students to strive for the very best.

THRIVE is our new and exciting Inclusion area where everyone is welcome if they need support. It has many different areas to suit the different needs within Foxford, including a computer room, sensory area, quiet zone with bean bag chairs, traditional work spaces and much more. There is also lift access leading directly to THRIVE.

We have a dedicated THRIVE team of additional adults who support each young person in striving toward their potential and realise their dreams. We support young people in feeling safe, happy with positive wellbeing throughout their Foxford journey, this is done in a variety of ways including support from therapy dogs. Foxford has two qualified SENCOs who are passionate about supporting all students both through Foxford based intervention and through agency and specialist support.

At different times in their education, a student may experience a special need or difficulty. Typically, this may result in a significant difficulty with regard to learning relative to the majority of other students. They might also have a difficulty which may be a barrier for them to access educational opportunities compared to others in mainstream classes.

Where a learner has an identified special educational need, we will offer provision that supports the student in accessing a normally differentiated curriculum.   Foxford is truly inclusive where every teacher is a teacher of SEND, we provide a CPD offer to support the expert teaching and quality provision expected for Foxford students.

SENCO: Mrs S Harris
Strategic Lead for SEND: Mrs L Miller
Tel no: 024 7636 9200