Year 7

From allocation of a place at Foxford students and their families are welcomed and embedded into a community that nurtures curiosity through the promotion of PRIDE and Character Education. During their final term in year 6, the students and their families have experienced a transition programme that promotes the sense of belonging and nurtures the students to minimise the natural fears that surround this important and exciting stage of their journey.

The Year 7 team which is led by Miss C. Winton (Director of Learning ) and Mrs. S. Harris (Assistant Headteacher) are committed to providing a culture of excellence and the dedicated tutor team support the progress of the students for their time at Foxford School, working as a team to ensure that every child has all they need to achieve their personal goals and academic potential.

Year 7: Tutor Team

F1—Mr. A. Tang and Mrs. L. Woodward

F2—Miss K. McGrane

F3—Miss K. Kedney

F4—Miss C. Kirkland

F5—Mrs. J. Greenhalgh

F6—Mr. T. Baker

F7—Mrs. H. Black and Mrs. T. Vickers

Assistant Director of Learning—Mrs. Fitzgerald

Attached staff—Mrs. R. Hassan and Miss C. Layne


An excellent attendance record is important to ensure success at Foxford. We expect all students in Year 7 to achieve at least 95% attendance. Holidays during term time are not authorised.


All students attend school in full uniform. 


  • Black Blazer with school badge (COMPULSORY)
  • Black trousers/skirt – at least knee-high length (COMPULSORY)
  • White Shirt (COMPULSORY)
  • School Tie (COMPULSORY)
  • Plain Black Shoes  (COMPULSORY)
  • Black V Neck Jumper (OPTIONAL)

No hats are to be worn on the school site, however

  • Sikh students may wish to wear a black turban or head covering
  • Muslim girls may wear a black hijab and boys may wear a topi

Only minimal jewellery may be worn:-

  • A pair of studs in pierced ears
  • One small chain necklace
  • Watch
  • Sikh bangles may be worn, but no others


  • Pumps or trainers
  • Black joggers
  • Black polo shirt
  • White socks
  • Suitable swimming costume
  • A school bag suitable for carrying all equipment required


  • A pen and a spare pen
  • A pencil and a spare pencil
  • A ruler
  • A rubber

Contact us

For any specific queries please contact the school direct:

Email: Year 07 Team

Telephone: 024 7636 9200