Year 7

From allocation of a place at Foxford students and their families are welcomed and embedded into a community that nurtures curiosity through the promotion of PRIDE and Character Education. During their final term in year 6, the students and their families have experienced a transition programme that promotes the sense of belonging and nurtures the students to minimise the natural fears that surround this important and exciting stage of their journey. 

The Year 7 team which is led by  Mrs Rombach  (Year Leader),  Miss Slater (Associate Year Leader), Miss L Rowe  (Assistant Headteacher) and Ms Rees (English Faculty Lead) are committed to providing a culture of excellence and the dedicated tutor team support the progress of the students for their time at Foxford School, working as a team to ensure that every child has all they need to achieve their personal goals and academic potential. 

Year 7 Tutor Team 

7AHEMiss A Hedges 
7AKH Miss A Khan 
7CMY Miss C Myers & Mr A Tang 
7CWR Mr C Wright
7JCAMr J Carter
7JDU Mr J Durpin
7MHA Miss M Hajj 
7SHRMr A Race


An excellent attendance record is important to ensure success at Foxford. We expect all students in Year 7 to achieve at least 95% attendance. Holidays during term time are not authorised. 

PSHCE Curriculum 

PSHCE in year 7 is split into Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships.  

The subjects covered address common challenges and real-life situations that year 7 students face. At the start of the year, we focus on developing characteristics that support the students during the transition process; how we show resilience, courage and kindness whilst working towards our individual goals. All students learn about the world around them and how managing friendships and relationships is challenging but by learning the right skills we can build a lasting support network.  

Our Health modules focus on keeping active, making healthy choices, and managing puberty. With the recent challenges we have given more time to the healthy mind modules and student feedback has been very positive about this. PSHCE is never set in stone it is the curriculum that adapts to the needs of the students and the local challenges that they face. 

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