Science Faculty

Science enables us to explain, understand and engage with the world around us. Scientists have worked for many years to explain our world and still, the research is on-going and ever-changing, with exciting and new discoveries being made every day. Science at Foxford allows students to understand and experience the work and research into the wider world. A GCSE in Science is an important part of many career paths and will support students in a variety of different ways in the wider world.

Science aims to provide engaging and exciting lessons set within a curriculum that enables ALL students to become investigative and curious learners. We aim to develop our learners into confident young scientists with an enthusiasm for investigation, that enables them to make progress in understanding and achievement within Science.

Key Staff

Director of Teaching and Learning: Mr. A. Duffy

Lead Practitioner: Ms. S. Collinson

Lead Practitioner: Ms. J. Mace

Teaching Staff

Mrs. N. Green

Mr. B. Singh

Mr. S. Heer

Miss C. Kirkland

Mr. A. Wood

Mr. J. Perks

Mrs. T. White

Mrs. L. Woodward (Science Technician)

Mr. M. Duffield (Technician)