Humanities Faculty

The study of humanities is to examine human culture. For this reason, humanities courses vary widely in scope and encompass art, history, cultural values, social movements, philosophy and many other areas. 

It provides a means by which students can apply their direct experience of the world around them and extend their understanding of it in personal, local, national and global contexts.

The faculty considers that in addition to achieving the best results possible for its students in terms of those areas of knowledge and understanding required by various forms of certification, it has a major task in preparing students to take place as citizens in the world into which they will move upon leaving school.

The structure and development of the humanities curriculum are based on the principle that there should be a broad and balanced representation of all humanities disciplines:

Key Stage 3 – We offer experiences of History, Geography, Citizenship, and Religious Education.

Key Stage 4 – Students can choose to study History, Geography or Enterprise and Marketing (Business Studies)

Key Stage 5 – We offer students the following Level 3 courses: History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Business & Economics.

Key Staff

Director of Teaching and Learning: Mr. P. Wilson

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning: Miss. S. Gibbs

Lead Practitioner: Mr. T. Baker

Lead Teacher of Business: Mr. B. Sandhu

Teaching Staff

Mr. N. Fisher

Mrs. R. Norton

Ms. J. Clarke

Mrs. H. Natali

Mr. C. Griffin

Mrs. A. Pattison

Miss A. Twomey

Mrs. N. Brookes

Mr. P. Thompson

Mr. S. Strange