Key Staff

Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs A Gallagher

Deputy Headteacher: Mr T Jordan

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S Harris

Senior Assistant Headteacher: Mrs N Green

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs H Black

Assistant Headteacher: Ms S Bryant

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs R Norton

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs L Rowe

Acting Assistant Headteacher: Mr J Tully

Faculty Leads

Maths: Mr N Iradukunda

English: Miss E Rees

Science: Mr A Duffy

Humanities: Mr P Wilson

History and Languages: Ms S Gibbs

Enterprise and Emerging Technologies: Mr P Wilson

Sport and Health: Mr R Holtom

Creative Arts: Mrs C Griggs & Mr A Tang

Technology: Mr K Todd

SENCO: Mrs S Harris

Year Leaders

Year 7: Mrs C Rombach


Year 8: Miss C Denousse


Year 9: Mrs J Fitzgerald


Year 10: Mrs A Jones


Year 11: Mrs K Singh


Post 16: Mr J Tully

Assistant Year Lead – Post 16: Mr D Leach