Wellbeing Faculty

The Wellbeing faculty at Foxford is a vibrant and successful department that offers a broad range of activities and experiences as students progress through the school.

Our PE curriculum is designed to give students a balanced curriculum in a range of sports that help to develop physical skills, mental capacity and healthy, active lifestyles. They are also encouraged to undertake different roles such as performers, coaches, and officials to further their understanding.

Foxford has very good PE facilities which include an extensive playing field, tennis courts, sports hall, gym, fitness room and swimming pool.

In years 10 and 11, students have the opportunity to further their studies in the subject area by having both PE and Health & Social Care as option choices at Key Stage 4 and 5.

Key Staff

Director of Teaching and Learning: Mr. C. Terry

Teaching Staff

Mrs. S. Harris

Mrs. S. Edwards

Mr. C. Wright

Mr. A. Wood

Miss M. Szyndler

Mrs. N. Brookes

Mrs. M. Jafar

Mr. J. Davey