Mathematics Faculty

Mathematics has been described as “the most powerful and beautiful subject in the world.” It forms a universal part of our culture whose study helps us to recognise patterns and so better understand the world around us.

At Foxford, the Mathematics Faculty aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching to enable all students to build learning skills for the future. We set challenging targets and have high expectations for all students. We aim to give them a positive experience in the classroom, offering enrichment opportunities both within and outside the curriculum, allowing them to explore and enjoy the subject.

The study of Mathematics can lead to a variety of exciting professional careers and is widely recognised as an opportunity gateway into fields such as engineering, science, and commerce. It plays a vital, often unseen role in many aspects of modern life.

In Key stage three students revise and extend the concepts studied at primary school, building the foundations in the key areas of Number, Algebra, Shape space, Measures and Data handling. They are introduced to contextual problem solving to prepare them for study at GCSE.

During Years Ten and Eleven students continue to build on the knowledge and skills they have acquired during Key Stage three, working towards a GCSE in Mathematics from the Edexcel examination board.

Key Staff

Director of Teaching and Learning: Mr. N. Iradukunda

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning (ICT): Miss L. Barnes

Lead Practitioner: Ms. D. Coke

Teaching Staff

Mr. A. Mohlabane

Mr. A Sampla

Mr. J. Kragulj

Miss D. Tranca

Ms. Y. Broomes

Mr. J. Kemp

Mr. N. Constantine

Mr. G. Maycock

Mr. A. Dharni

Ms. J. O’Gara