Creative Arts Faculty

Visual and performing arts are a fundamental part of life at Foxford. We believe that creative exploration helps to promote confidence and self-determination in pupils. In addition to the immediate rewards of making, performing or displaying creative work, students also benefit from developing a sense of innovation and adaptability that helps them to negotiate, solve problems and make decisions independently. These skills are essential to a rounded and balanced education.

The Creative Arts staff work very closely as a team to enable all our students to enjoy rich and varied opportunities in the Visual and Performing Arts, both in lessons and in extra-curricular time. The faculty encompasses Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Media Studies, with qualifications being offered in all areas.

We have excellent resources where fully-equipped studio spaces provide opportunities for pupils to perform, create and experiment with an extensive range of equipment, media and materials. Expert subject teachers encourage experimentation and support progress through all creative departments. Dedicated, highly-trained staff bring expertise from a range of disciplines, ensuring that we are able to cater for all creative interests and talents. Visiting staff enable pupils to supplement their timetable with 1-to-1 or small-group musical instrument and singing lessons.

Year 7

All year 7 students have weekly lessons in Art, Performance and Music. All year 7 lessons are taught in the students’ mixed ability tutor groups.

Year 8

All year 8 students have weekly lessons in Art, Performance and Music. Year 8 lessons are taught in smaller mixed ability groups.

Year 9

In Year 9 students have weekly lessons in Art, Performance and Music for. These lessons are taught in mixed ability groups.

Year 10

Creative Arts Options available for year 10 students are:

  • GCSE Art & Design
  • BTEC Performance
  • BTEC Music
  • BTEC Media Studies

We are continually looking at new options to see if there are courses that would benefit our students.

Year 11 

Students continue with the options they began in Year 10.


A level Creative Arts options available for students in our sixth form are:

  • Fine Art
  • Media Studies
  • Performing Arts
  • Music

Further subject information:

Key Staff

Faculty Lead: Mrs C Griggs & Mr A Tang

Head of Performing Arts: Mrs C Griggs

Head of Music: Mr A Tang

Teaching Staff

Miss A Hedges

Miss C Myers

Mrs S Norman

Mr A Race