Creative Arts Faculty

In Creative Arts there is a wide range of subjects that have their own skills and tradition but also share common ground since they are all concerned with engaging young people in the acts of making, creating, problem-solving, responding, appraising and evaluating.

The Creative Arts faculty is a high energy and stimulating environment that has high expectations of all students, provides opportunities to develop their skills and talents and continually celebrates their success throughout the year.

The Arts helps students develop their skills in preparation for a potential career in the Creative Industries and a variety of transferable skills that are recognisable as vital in the workplace:

Developing creativity and independent thought

Learning to express themselves

Understanding and celebrating different cultures

Developing their social, emotional and intellectual well-being

The Arts aim to develop excellence in young people by developing engagement in learning and self-esteem. So let your imagination go wild!

Key Staff

Director of Teaching and Learning: Mrs. H. Black

Head of Performing Arts: Mrs. C. Griggs

Head of Music: Mr A. Tang

Teaching Staff

Mrs. S. Norman

Mrs. C. Laird

Mr. C. Griffin

Ms. Y. Caputo

Mr. D. Barrett