Year 10

The Year 10 team which is led by Mrs Jones (Year Leader), Mrs Green (Senior Assistant Headteacher) and Miss Bryant (Assistant Headteacher) are committed to providing a culture of excellence and the dedicated tutor team support the progress of the students for their time at Foxford School, working as a team to ensure that every child has all they need to achieve their personal goals and academic potential.

Year 10 is a crucial year for students as they begin their GCSE journey in Key Stage 4. Whilst the foundations for this work were instilled in years 7,8 and 9, year 10 is where each students’ future truly begins. This is an important and exciting year for all students and we have very high expectations of them. Our focus is on developing mature, independent students who take responsibility for their learning

Year 10 Tutor Team 

10AMA Ms A Marsh 
10CGIMrs C Griggs 
10CTE Mr J Wilson
10KAD Ms K Adeeko 
10NKH Ms N Khan 
10PWI Mr P Wilson 
10EHU Ms E Hughes 


An excellent attendance record is important to ensure success at Foxford. We expect all students in Year 10 to achieve at least 95% attendance. Holidays during term time are not authorised.


We expect our students to have excellent attendance and punctuality, be organised and prepared to learn. They should bring the correct equipment (pen, pencil, ruler and calculator) and resources to lessons, and ensure that home learning is completed regularly and on time. 

We ask that parents and carers support us when students do not meet our expectations and encourage our young people to take responsibility for their actions. We also ask that parents and carers check Firefly regularly to support home learning. 


At Foxford we use graduation points. Points are awarded for 100% attendance, attainment, consistent positive attitude to learning, extra-curricular commitment, promoting Foxford values such as community service and student leadership. Praise postcards, rewards assemblies and awards evenings are also used to reward students for positive attitudes, achievement and attainment. 

At the end of year 9, all graduating students received their Key Stage 4 tie which they can now where with pride in year 10.

PSHCE Education (Personal, Social, Health, Character and Economic) 

Throughout year 9, all students will engage in a valuable and informative PSHCE programme during form time sessions with their tutors and during year head and whole school assemblies. 

PSHCE is an important part of your child’s national curriculum learning with a focus in year 10  on health and wellbeing, living in the wider world and relationships.  It also covers matters relating to being healthy and fit and what it means to be a good citizen. 

The study of PSHCE at Foxford ensures understanding and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.  This is achieved through enhancing pupils understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society. Assemblies and discussions involving prejudices and prejudice-based bullying have been followed and supported by PSHCE.  We also look at the world of work and consider the government and politics of Britain. 

The learning which takes place through this programme helps to develop the mature adults and citizens we aim to grow in year 10.

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