At Foxford we aim to provide an exciting and engaging curriculum for our students which prepares them for the wider world by developing their communication, problem solving and investigative skills.  We are proud of the uniquely diverse nature of our context and the richness that this brings to our curriculum offer.  We want our students to learn a broad selection of subjects to allow them to be successful, contributory members of society.  Our curriculum is well planned and progressive and seeks to build on the prior knowledge of our students whilst addressing some of the gaps in knowledge they may join us with. It is our intent that students leave Foxford with the knowledge and skills they will need to thrive in a challenging and changing world.

Curriculum Planning 

Our Faculty Leads thoroughly plan how to ensure students learn the knowledge and skills necessary for their future success.  To achieve this, we have completed a whole school review of our curriculum provision over the last two years.  Curriculum maps are now developed which are reviewed regularly and which organise how, what, why and when students will be taught and assessed.  Paying attention to the careful, skilled development of a curriculum is essential business for every school and we are confident that we have produced a curriculum which will excite and engage our students. 

We operate the Foxford Curriculum Standard which all subject areas follow.  This defines the necessary content and process for curriculum documentation in terms of progress of skills maps, curriculum maps and schemes of learning.  We do not insist on standardised documentation as we recognise that different faculties will want to produce documentation that suits the individual needs of each subject.  It essential however, that our Standard content is included which is monitored through an intensive QA process. 

One of the expectations of the process is that a consistent curriculum is on offer for each teacher to adapt to the needs of their particular students whilst ensuring that all students are supported to progress through quality teaching and assessment. 

Learning Plans are also used which provide a bridge between more complex curriculum documentation and a student/parent friendly summary of key skills and knowledge in each topic.

The Foxford Curriculum 

Our Foxford curriculum is designed to engage learners and promote a love of learning beyond the curriculum. It aims to lead to positive outcomes for all students, helping them develop as individuals and work towards future aspirations, whilst engaging them in the learning process.    

We follow a three year Key Stage 3 and two year Key Stage 4 & 5.  The only exception to this is in GCSE Science where all students begin their GCSE Triple Science study in year 9 and then have the option of reducing their Science study, if needed, according to their particular areas of strength.

In years 7, 8 and 9, students experience the full range of subjects, giving them a broad and balanced foundation for their learning. In year 9 students are encouraged to influence their own learning further, by making choices in some curricular areas with the aim of increasing their motivation. This prepares them for the process of opting for the courses to study towards external examinations in years 10 and 11. We want students to realise their full potential and they are guided through choosing the best subjects for them to study, in addition to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science, PSHCE and PE.

Students select their KS4 options in year 9 from a wide range of subjects on offer.  Our aim is to provide them with a range of subjects and styles of study which are best suited to their needs.

Many of our students stay with the Foxford family to continue their studies in Post 16.  In year 12 and 13, students can choose to study three A levels or vocational subjects from a wide range on offer.   

Literacy Development 

As part of our curriculum planning we embed the development of literacy skills.  This might be through small group work in a KS3 Lexonik phonics class or through the identification and teaching of key vocabulary which all students in Year 10 will need for examination success.   

Developing the English skills of early students of English as an additional language is very important to us.  We have a dedicated support team and offer a programme of study which allows students to learn English as well as progress in their curriculum subjects.   

Extra-Curricular Activities 

In addition to lessons during the school day, students can participate in extra-curricular activities to extend their skills and more importantly, to have fun! 

Subject Choices 

Key Stage 3
English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Performance, Dance, Spanish, Geography, History, Design Technology, ICT, Religious Education, Physical Education, Textiles and Food Technology.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE/BTEC or equivalent qualifications)
English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Fine Art, Performing Arts, Music, D&T Hospitality & Catering, D&T Design & Technology, D&T Art Textiles, Digital Information Technology, Spanish, Geography, History, Business Studies, Health & Social Care, Media Studies, Child Development, Sociology and Sport and Coaching Principles.

Key Stage 5
Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Applied Science, Performing Arts, D&T Product Design, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, ICT, Music, Mathematics / Further Mathematics, Media Studies, Psychology & Sociology.

Specific details of the subjects studied in each year group can be found below (numbers represent hours per week each subject is studied).  Subject Choices are reviewed annually. 

In 2022-23, the curriculum offer is:

Year 7

Spanish / Literacy Intervention2History2Performance1
PE2ICT1Design Technology1

Year 8

Spanish / Literacy Intervention2History2Geography2
Design Technology1ICT1Music1

Year 9

Spanish / Literacy Intervention2History2Geography2
Design Technology / ICT2RE1Music 0.5

In years 7, 8 & 9 students with specific literacy needs may have a reduced Modern Foreign Languages curriculum with extra literacy support provided in its place.

Year 10

Core Subjects


Choice of 4 options

Fine ArtMusicGeography
BusinessSociologyHealth & Social Care
PerformanceSport & CoachingHistory
Hospitality & CateringDesign & TechnologySpanish
Media StudiesChild Development
Digital Information TechnologiesEnterprise & Marketing

All students must study either Spanish, History or Geography.

Year 11


Choice of 4 options continued from Year 10

Fine ArtMusicGeography
BusinessDanceHealth & Social Care
DramaTriple SciencesHistory
ICTSport & CoachingSpanish
Hospitality & CateringDesign & TechnologyTextiles
Digital Information TechnologiesEnterprise & Marketing

All students must study either Spanish, History or Geography.

Year 12 & 13

Biology A LevelMusic
Business BTECMathematics A Level
Chemistry A LevelEconomics A Level
English Literature A LevelFurther Maths
Performing Arts BTECPsychology A Level
Health & Social Care BTECApplied Science BTEC
SociologyMedia Studies
History A LevelProduct Design A Level

Each subject has 5 hours of teaching time allocated to it.  Some subjects are taught in conjunction with other consortia schools.

To discuss the school curriculum further, please contact Mrs Hall, Assistant Headteacher.

Key Staff – Curriculum

Deputy Headteacher – Outcomes: Miss M Szyndler

Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum: Mrs K Hall

Assistant Headteacher BTEC Quality Nominee: Mr C Griffin

Faculty Lead -Maths: Mr N Iradukunda

Faculty Lead – English: Miss E Rees

Faculty Lead – Science: Mr A Duffy

Faculty Lead – Humanities: Mr P Wilson

Faculty Lead – History and Languages: Mrs R Norton

Faculty Lead – Enterprise and Emerging Technologies: Mr S Phillips

Faculty Lead – Creative Arts: Mrs H Black

Faculty Lead – Technology: Mr K Todd

Faculty Lead – Sport & Health: Mr C Terry