Technology Faculty

The Technology Faculty is an engaging and innovative area of the school. It is a successful area that makes a significant contribution to the overall success of the school.

We aim to develop our students into successful, confident, independent and responsible learners who understand the importance of designing and making and the use and application of ICT (Information Communication Technology).

We provide a broad range of opportunities and contexts for our students to work as individuals or as part of a team. In Design and Technology, they develop knowledge, skills, and creativity by investigating, designing and making products using a variety of materials in different areas. In ICT we generate students’ desire to understand more and make better use of digital tools encountered in life.

The Faculty continues to form good links with industry and higher education, allowing students to encounter the diverse ways in which technology is developing and being used in society.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum works on a rotation system with students working in all areas of Technology. ICT is taught to all students at KS3.

Key Staff

Director of Teaching and Learning (Technology): Mr. K. Todd

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning (ICT): Mrs B. Wood

Teaching Staff

Ms. K. Adeeko (ICT)

Mr. B. Sandhu (ICT)

Mr. C. Griffin (ICT)

Mrs. A. Hughes (DT/Textiles)

Mrs. K. Ashby (DT)

Mr. M. Hewitt-Jackson (DT)

Mrs. J. Sinclair (DT)

Mrs. J. Greenhalgh (DT)

Mr. R. Moore (Technician)