Student Leadership

‘Growing student potential through PRIDE’

At Foxford, we encourage students to lead through the school values of PRIDE. We give all students the opportunity to nurture and develop their leadership skills, supporting students to become Positive, Resilient, Independent, Determined and Empowered.

At Foxford, we recognise that every student has leadership potential. We are committed to developing and showcasing this; therefore, we offer a diverse range of student leadership opportunities to bring out and build on the many and varied talents of our school community.  We also teach students to celebrate the leadership skills they have developed throughout their time with us so that they can confidently articulate and call upon these in applications, interviews and real-world scenarios. Through growing student leaders, we aim to create active participants both within and beyond our school gates. 

Student Leadership Opportunities: 

Post-16 Student Leaders

Our Post-16 student leaders embody the school’s PRIDE values. They are visible members of the school community and lead by example. They support the running and organisation of year group and whole-school councils, the school library, and the learning of younger students.

Year 11 Student Leadership Team 

The Year 11 student leadership team models the school’s PRIDE values across the school community. They represent the school as the face and voice of Foxford at events and functions such as parents’ evenings and awards celebrations. They also support with assemblies and clubs for younger students. The Year 11 student leadership are selected due to their highly visible excellent conduct, work ethic, motivation and resilience.

Student Council 

The Student Council is made up of two representatives per year group from years 7 to 13. They meet at least once each half-term to discuss school-wide developments from a student perspective. They represent the collective views of their year groups and form a key part in communicating student views to staff and senior leaders. The student council is chaired by Post-16 student representatives.

Year Team Councils 

Two representatives are elected every year from each tutor group to form their year team’s student council. These students are the voice of their tutor group and present ideas and suggestions to their year head. They give feedback to their tutor groups, with their communication playing an essential role in realising the vision and potential of the year team. 

International Ambassadors 

Sometimes referred to as ‘buddies’, these are our talented multi-lingual pupils who are trained to support our newly arrived students who speak English as an additional language. Our international ambassadors support with student orientation and provide language translation, academic support and friendship. They support both staff and students and are ensure that newly arrived students settle in well to our school community. 

Student Librarians

Foxford’s library is supported by a team of student librarians from all year groups. Our student librarians love books and help the school to promote a culture of reading for pleasure. As well as looking after library resources and making book recommendations, they run and participate in the library event calendar, which includes author celebrations and shadowing book-awards.

Curriculum-based student leadership 

Each faculty offers a variety of opportunities for students to develop both their leadership skills and passion for their subjects. All departments recruit student representatives to support and champion their subjects at key events such as curriculum option evenings and open days. Curriculum based student leaders promote the importance and relevance of their favourite subject areas and support their fellow students to make excellent progress. 

Student Panels

Foxford students participate in student interview panels and lead tours for prospective candidates. They play a key part in modelling the school’s PRIDE values and in supporting the Headteacher to determine whether a candidate is the right fit for our aspirational school.

Personal Leadership Development 

Foxford students can develop their personal leadership skills through their engagement in a variety of other activities. Examples include:  

  • Leading an assembly 
  • Organising a fundraising event 
  • Supporting other students
  • Taking a role in a school production