Student Support

At Foxford we are committed to providing a quality experience for all children, giving them the opportunities to learn alongside a robust care, guidance and support system.

The pastoral and support teams are passionate about students excelling in all areas of their lives. We have strong systems linking key areas within the school to give our children the best and most appropriate support.

Each year group has a team of pastoral support including Director of Learning, Assistant Director of Learning, Senior Leader and a Leadership team dedicated to our students’ wellbeing. In addition Learning Mentors are attached to support, in the first instance, their learning but become a familiar adult within the year group.

In Years 7-10 students are organised into 7 tutor groups, this increases to 9 in Y11 to allow for bespoke interventions in preparation for their GCSE exams. Each tutor groups meets daily for 4 tutor lessons a week with an assembly on the 5th day. This creates a sense of belonging within the year team. The tutor programmes consists of
Graduation Focus
Current Affairs

From Y9 onwards a heavier emphasis is put upon options and planning for the next steps through careers and the #futureme programme.

The PSHCE key taught strands are

• Character Education

• Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing

• Relationships and Sex Education

• Online and the Media

• Rights and Responsibility

• Finance

• Staying Safe Online

• Healthy Lifestyle

• Living in the Wider World

At Foxford we have a house system of which everyone is a member. Our houses are names after 5 foxes;

• Fennec

• Rupel

• Corsac

• Swift

• Arctic

There are many opportunities for students to become involved in activities to gain house points and again fell that sense of belonging.

THRIVE is the heart of our students support. The SENCO and SEND team, EAL and Learning Mentors are all based in THRIVE, this ensures that appropriate and quality support is accessible to all students for when they need it. Provision is planned, appropriate and monitored to ensure that there are good outcomes for each individual.

The Safeguarding and Family Support team support young people and their families through challenging times, they are and experienced and dedicated team who always put children first.

Foxford prides itself on focussing on each individual as a whole, endeavouring to provide all students with an excellent school experience.