The Options Process

The Options Process launches on Thursday 25 February with our Year 9 Virtual Options Evening. There will be a range of presentations for you to access regarding the options process and the opportunity to book appointments with subject staff for options that students may be interested in taking.

There will be a number of presentation videos available to view about each subject which can be found on the Options homepage on here and the school website.

Students (and parents/carers if we hold an email address) will receive an email inviting them to register with Options Online to access the options form for completion. There are guides on these process on the ‘Options Form’ page on Firefly and the school website.

If you require a paper version of the options form, please contact the school.

The options window is open from Thursday 25 February until Friday 5 march at 3pm. After this time you will be able to view your option choices via Options Online but you will not be able to make any changes.

Your option choices will then be reviewed to ensure groups are viable and they fit the timetable. We will discuss any potential changes with the small number of students this may affect.

Once this is complete, you will receive a copy of your agreed options choices. This needs to be signed by a parent/carer to confirm they agree with the choices made.

The Options Form

This year we are moving to a paperless options form using a system called Options Online. All students will receive an email to their school email address asking them to register. They will be taken through this process during a tutor period. 

Once registered, they will then have access to their options form and be able to complete their choices. If we hold an email address for parents/carers, you will also receive an invite enabling you to register and view/edit your child’s options form.

Should you require a paper options form, please contact the school.

Below are instructions guides to support registering in Options Online and completing the options form (This process cannot be completed until you receive the Options Online invite email).